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Elessia Scott

Welcome to my classroom. This year, our classroom theme includes technology and emojis. We will have several social media bulletins that I hope will encourage the students to use social media in a positive way. We will be using Instagram to post our classroom pictures and our Classbook to write positive and encouraging posts to our classmates and teacher. These are not real accounts, they are bulletins I have created and posted inside of the classroom. In an effort of teaching our students to manage money, I have created a classroom economy system for the students. The students will be offered jobs that will teach them about working to obtain a constant flow of income. Like the real world, they will receive docked pay for missed duties and unsatisfactory work, so please make sure your child is at school each day or their absences are excused. There will be several opportunities to earn extra money by displaying good behavior. Students will also be fined for negative behaviors. Each Friday, we will have the student store open where the students can buy goodies, however, because they are responsible for paying for rent each month for their desk and chair, they will have to carefully manage their money. Our classroom will be a place of LEARNING and FUN. I look forward to meeting and working with you and your children this school year. 


Elessia Scott

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